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Harvard educated, Emmy winner, former CNN journalist and Founder of Higher Glyphs, Shannon Travis has amassed vast skills and expertise.

After 15 years coming up with ideas and working with words as a journalist... after years covering stories in nearly all 50 U.S. states and reporting news to a national audience... after interviewing headline-making politicians and celebrities and speaking at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Georgetown Law... Travis can be called a "concepts and communications guy."


Shannon Travis - Higher Glyphs Content Group CEO

Shannon Travis


Chief Creative Officer


Meet the ideas guy.  The brain storm.  The hired mind ready to envision, execute and illustrate your next big ideas. Higher Glyphs Founder and CEO, Shannon Travis.


Rachael Henriques


Project Manager


Meet our project manager who loves to tackle any project and see it through from start to finish.


Juan Ignacio Pulas


Web Experience Specialist


Meet the focused Web Experience Specialist mind responsible for making each and every website standout.